Responsible Gambling

All of us at think gambling is great fun. That rush of excitement when the stars align on Starburst, the ball lands on your number on the roulette wheel or the "scream at the top of your lungs" moment when you hit the jackpot. But we also recognise that for some people gambling can become a problem or even an addiction and then it's definitely not fun anymore.

We want gambling on to be fun for everyone at all times, which is why we educate all our staff on the risk of problem gambling and identifying the signs so we can guide you in the best possible manner should you start to feel the fun going out of your gambling. Of course we cannot guarantee that you will always win, but we can help you manage your gambling and even the losses so they never exceed what you can afford.

Staying in Control

We've put together a few helpful tips for staying in control of your gambling on

  • Don't play to earn money, play to have fun! Before you start gambling think about how much you can afford to lose and don't deposit more than that.
  • Keep in mind that gambling should be a balanced activity. A hobby you enjoy in the same way as your other hobbies - it shouldn't be your only hobby and you shouldn't spend more time on it than the others. You could decide on a fixed amount of time you will allow yourself to spend on gambling per week and keep to it.
  • Don't chase your losses. If you lose, and you should expect to lose money on from time to time, thinking that if you keep playing you can win back what you have lost. There are no guarantees in gambling and whether you win or lose is completely random.
  • Consider your state of mind. If you are extremely stressed, depressed or under a lot of pressure you probably shouldn't be playing, just as playing under the influence of medications, drugs or alcohol might also adversely affect your ability to make good decisions.
  • Don't be afraid to take a break from gambling. The games will still be there later. If you are getting tired or can't concentrate anymore maybe it's time to get some fresh air, take a walk or return to another of your hobbies.
Taking a Break

When it comes to pressing pause on your gambling we are happy to help you if you feel you won't be able to stay away from gambling on your own. You can contact our customer service at [email protected] or via Live Chat and ask them to activate a "cool off" or "self exclusion" period on your account.

Whether you choose a "cool off" or "self exclusion" period you will not be able to login into your account on for any reason (not even to withdraw money on your account) during the chosen period of time. You will of course not be permitted to open a new account either as this is always prohibited by the terms and conditions of for a person to hold more than 1 account.

The main difference between "cool off" and "self exclusion" is the length of the break you are taking; Cool Off can be activated for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days whereas Self Exclusion can be activated for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

We are not experts but we know some who are...

At we are avid gamblers, but we are not trained therapists. We can't help you treat a gambling addiction if you should be unfortunate enough to develop one. However, as mentioned before, all of our staff have received training on identifying the signs of harmful gambling behavior and, though we will of course not share anything you may tell us about your gambling habits with any outsiders, we may use it to enforce limits on your account if we feel you are in more danger of becoming a problem gambler than you yourself realise.

If you want to learn more about responsible gambling and problem gambling we encourage you to visit this site:

We would also recommend taking the self assessment test on the site if you are worried about your gambling: